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Meet Alyssa Cannon.

If your utility has ever worked with General Pacific on energy saver kits, you know that our turnkey service makes the whole process very easy. Alyssa is a big reason why those projects go smoothly. Working behind the scenes, Alyssa pulls it all together: oversees the packing crews, arranges the printing of inserts and boxes, manages product inventory, schedules shipments and coordinates with your local post offices – all to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

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The Electrical Utility Distributors Association provides all of its members with access to emergency stock and provides extra purchasing power with manufacturers.
QuickShip allows users to order material online from General Pacific as well as track existing orders, view sales history and open invoice information. Sign up today and access your account online!
Due to the global movement to protect our planet’s natural resources and environment, consumers are looking for new ways to lower their energy consumption every day.
ConvectAir heaters are an excellent home heating device, built to bring energy savings and peace of mind to home owners. ConvectAir is more than just another heater.