Badger Meter Water Meters

Badger Meter Commercial MetersAn international leader in flow measurement technology, Badger Meter has been the supplier of choice for utilities and municipalities since 1905. General Pacific offers a complete line of integrated metering systems and instrumentation provided by Badger Meter, Inc. to help communities of all sizes generate revenue from their water resources. The highly respected Badger Meter product family includes flow control meters for every application as well as state of the art automated meter reading (AMR) systems using the latest in radio frequency (RF) and network technologies.

Disc Series Meters
Badger Meter’s disc series water meters are the preferred choice for small to medium service applications. These water meters provide excellent flow range flexibility, from 1/8 of a gallon to 170 gallons per minute, while still providing precision accuracy. The Low pressure loss ratings on the Badger Meter disc series meters are the lowest in the industry which makes it an ideal choice as a long term metering solution.

Turbo Series Meters
The Turbo series water meters provide an ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications while proving unmatched performance. The Turbo’s no-nonsense performance will reduce your daily maintenance and replacement costs while capturing every billable penny through its superior accuracy and efficiency. Each Turbo meter is equipped with Badger Meter’s innovative floating rotor design which eliminates wear and friction between moving parts. This helps provide reduced life cycle costs and a longer performance life. These water meters provide excellent metering accuracy with a wide flow range from 2 1/2 to 19,800 gallons per minute.

Fire Hydrant Meters
Many businesses today such as landscaping, construction and pool contracting companies often need a temporary source of water that provides a high pressure flow. With Badger Meter’s fire hydrant meter you can tap into this niche market and charge these companies for the water used. Each of these meters is equipped with a double wall stainless steel screen that protects the measuring element to ensure the highest accuracy when dealing with such high pressured water. They have a built in rate control valve to regulate the flow of water being put out by the hydrant.

Compound Series Meters
These dual system revenue meters are the best form of protection when dealing with applications with variable water usage with wide changes in water demand. The Compound series meters combine two Badger Meter metering systems into one innovative package. They include the Disc series positive displacement chamber for low flow applications and the Turbo series chamber for higher flow applications. The new Compound series design has not only eliminated the need for a trigger valve, but has all but eliminated the crossover accuracy concern that comes with compound applications. The compound meter is able to provide the highest level of accuracy in flow ranges between 1/4 gallon to 2000 gallons per minute.

Mag Meters
Badger Meter’s Mag Meters are an innovative new design that is the result of years of research in electromagnetic flow measurement technology. They are extremely successful in water, waste water and industrial applications world wide due to their flow tube design. The flow tube design allows water with suspended solids to pass through the tube without elements or moving parts to impede the flow. This means there are no moving parts to wear out and no screens to replace which adds years to the performance life cycle of the meter.

Meter Testing Equipment

Portable Large Meter Tester (PLMT) – Test the accuracy of your FHM meters in the field using the Badger Meter PLMT.

More detailed information is available on all the different types of Badger Meter, Inc. products that General Pacific sells by contacting our Water Metering Sales Department.