Management Services

General Pacific offers server management and monitoring services for customers who host in our data center. This makes hosting your server infrastructure ideal for organizations who do not have in house I.T. departments or tech savvy staff members. All of our server management and monitoring plans are fully customized to meet the needs of each customer. Some of the management services we offer include:

Software Installation Assistance
Have software that you need installed on a server you host with General Pacific? Our technicians can install and perform basic required configuration of software packages on your server.

Weekly Monitoring of Server Backups
Technicians will manually verify your server backups from our Server Backup Services for proper functionality on a weekly basis.

Weekly Monitoring of Firewall Rules
Our technicians can manually verify the firewall rules set up on your server weekly to ensure that no new or unnecessary rules have been applied by system users or automated systems.

Weekly Monitoring of System Services
Technicians will manually verify the services running on your server to make sure that no extra or unnecessary services are running on your system.

Weekly Monitoring of Operating System Software Updates
Technicians will login to your server and apply any outstanding software updates to the operating system to ensure they are properly upgraded and secured.

Each customer’s server management services can be customized to include more or less features as needed. Contact out technical services sales team at (503) 907-2900 for more information about our server management services.