Cable and Conduit Placing Equipment

A-D Technologies

A-D Technologies offers a wide range of trailer placing platforms for the Plumett and Arnco jetting, pushing and pulling systems. These platforms can be customized to meet specific cable installation needs. A host of accessories are also available to complement your installation equipment.

Plumett™ Systems

    • Superjet Hydraulic/Superjet Pneumatic
    • Cable Jet
    • MiniJet Hydraulic/Minijet Pneumatic
    • MicroJet PRM-196
    • MicroJet EM-25
    • UltimaZ V20-01
Splices and Terminations


Raychem Splices

  • Soldergrip Splices
  • Soldersleeve Splices
  • Soldershield Splices
  • Splices – Closed Barrel
3m Splices – Low Voltage
  • Cold Shrink splices
  • Tapes
  • Heat Shrink splices
  • Resin splices
3m Splices – Medium Voltage
  • Wraparound heatshrink cable repair
  • Scotchcast™ Jacket Repair
  • Coldshrink foldback splice jacket kits
  • Heat shrinkable splice jacket kits
  • Cable cleaning and preparation products
  • Sealing and grounding kits
New Basis Composites
  • Fiberglass
  • Polymer Concrete
  • High Density Plastic