Badger Meter ORION® AMR System

Badger ORION Family Of Products

Flexibility is the key when it comes to the Badger Meter ORION® system. The ORION system is an automatic meter reading (AMR) infrastructure that uses broadcast RF technologies to transmit usage and tamper data back to the system. Due to the use of broadcast RF technologies the system is designed to eliminate the need for any additional FCC licensing that is required by other similar AMR systems.

Built upon a mobile data collection system, the ORION system provides all the features that users would expect from a premier mobile AMR system. It also includes the additional benefit of being able to integrate to Power Line Carrier, Broadband over Powerline, Adaptive Hierarchy, WI-FI and other emerging technology networks. This flexibility provides the ability to have a true multi-utility fixed network AMR solution and allows utilities to use the ORION system to meet their current and future needs.

Orion Receiver

The ORION system provides utilities with all the great features you would expect from a AMR system. Some of these features include:

  • Faster meter reading – Electronic collection is always faster then operators having to manually record reads.
  • Greater reading accuracy – Reduces the human error that can happen during readings.
  • Increased Operator Safety – Many times the operators don’t needs to leave their vehicle to get reads.
  • Fewer Re-Readers – Due to the improved accuracy there is rarely a time when operators have to return and collect another read.
  • Elimination of hard to read meters – Using radio frequencies to collect reads means there’s no need to try to get to those hard to reach meters.
  • Temper Detection – With tamper detection built into the system you don’t have to rely on operators to notice that something might be wrong with the meter.

Optional features such as leak detection and GPS mappings help utilities tailor the ORION system to meet their individual system needs.

How It Works
The system is comprised of an ORION transmitter that is located at the meter which transmits readings and tamper data to a receiver in the local area. The Receiver may be part of a mobile handheld data collection service or a fixed network used to relay the data back to the system. The information is then collected from the receiver to the systems COLLECT software where information is gathered and processed. Once the processing is complete the data is formatted and passed to the utilities billing system to bill the users for their water consumption.

If you would like more details regarding the Badger Meter ORION AMR system please contact our Water Metering Sales Department.