Badger Meter Portable Large Meter Tester

The Badger Meter Portable Large Meter Tester, PLMT, is designed to accuracy test your large field meters to insure billing accuracy. It’s design makes the PLMT easily transportable from site to site for immediate onsite accuracy testing. The Portable Large Meter Tester is a adaptation of the standard fire hydrant meter which incorporates both a high flow and low flow, Model 25, bypass meter. ┬áThe PLMT is specifically designed to provide for easy and accurate testing from as low as 1/4 and up to 500 gallons per minute.

Each Portable Large Meter Tester from Badger Meter has optional electronic resettable registers on each of the meters.  These resettable registers are able to provide both rate of flow and flow totals information to allow for the widest range of tests.

See the Badger Meter PLMT in action by clicking play on the video below:

[flv width=”480″ height=”360″]/movies/badger.flv[/flv]

For more information about the Badger Meter Portable Large Meter Tester, please contact our Water Metering Sales Department at (503) 907-2900 or via email at