Meter Recycling

**** General Pacific, Inc. is no longer offering metering recycling ****

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At General Pacific we care about the environment and work hard every day to try to reduce our negative foot print on the planet. We know that our customers have the same principles in mind when it comes to environmental conservation. This is why we have decided to introduce our meter recycling program and are offering it to our customers.

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Disposing Of Meters
One of the largest problems with a meter change out program is what to do with the old meters being taken out of service. This problem plagues both electric and water utilities alike. Typically, most users are currently letting old meters stack up in their warehouses and storage yards until finally paying another company to dispose of them properly for them. Our meter recycling program is designed to help remedy this problem while still allowing customers to get some financial return from the old meters.

How It Works
The meter recycling program is very simple for customers to participate in and is available to both water and electric metering customers. It is also 100% free for customers to join and use. Users can start using the program any time they like by following these simple steps:

  1. Users call our office at 503-907-2900 and ask to speak to the meter recycling coordinator.
  2. The meter recycling coordinator will setup the customer for the program and ship them 4 meter recycling bins for their use.
  3. Customers use these bins in their warehouse and storage yards to store their old meters.
  4. Once the bins fill up, customers call the meter recycling coordinator again and ask for the bins to be picked up.
  5. The meter recycling coordinator will schedule a freight company to pick up the bins and take them to the recycling facility.
  6. Once the meters have been processed at the recycling facility the recycling coordinator will place a credit on the customer’s account to be used towards future material purchases.

That’s all there is to it. The program is designed so customers do not have to take apart the old meters or remove any components. They simply place the intact meters in the bin and call to have them taken away, General Pacific’s meter recycling program will take care of the rest.

If you are interested in knowing more about the meter recycling program or are ready to get started, please give us a call at 503-907-2900 today!

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