Itron Bridge Meter

Managing the needs of the utility to promptly collect its bills is fundamental to the vitality of the utility. Removing potential safety issues for employees and having a consistent response to non-paying customers makes sense to achieve this objective.

Dis/connecting customers has typically been performed by physically removing a meter from the meter base as a part of the process. Repeated removal of a meter weakens the connection the jaws in the meter base makes with the meter. The weakened jaw tension may require repairs to be necessary on the meter base to avoid a possible hot socket condition.

Many utilities have purchased an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) with remote dis/connect being a significant business case. What if you don’t have this system? How then can you gain the majority of the remote advantage without the large price tag?

This is where the Itron Bridge meter comes into play. The dis/connect is managed by the Itron handheld on a special application set up to do this work. The dis/connect is managed from a safe distance by employees of the utility where the customer can’t see them. Removing personal stress from the equation is good for the customer as well. They receive the same consistent message and the same result.

The dis/connect switch is already present on more than 18 million Itron meters throughout the United States. Testing has been done and security measures taken to protect the reputations of both the utility and Itron.

Applications for the Bridge meter start with the more challenging special customers all the way to installing on all meter services moving forward. In the middle are choices that include installing on rentals and other creative ideas. Because the meter bridges its way to an automated system, some utilities are only installing this meter as they move ahead, thus future-proofing a path to AMI.

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