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The Aclara Two-Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS) technology is the most powerful and proven automatic metering infrastructure (AMI) solution on the market today. The fixed network solution uses advanced communication technology to transmit metering data over the utilities existing power lines. Aclara TWACS technology can be used to provide timely billing, load control and outage detection information to utilities without ever leaving the office. With the system, utilities can effectively manage customer data and reduce costs while enabling innovation and providing superior customer service.

Aclara TWACS provides virtually 100% coverage to utilities within a single system. The system is particularly effective in hard to reach low density and rural service areas. It is completely effective regardless of the systems customer density, terrain or customer types. With the system using the utilities existing power network for communications utilities can begin to deploy the Aclara TWACS system for a lower start up cost then other market solutions.

The Aclara TWACS system is capable of reaching long distances of up to 130 miles enabling utilities to read futher out meters with little effort. It can also be used with multiple voltage step-downs and handles numerous capacitor banks and voltage regulations with ease. This allows the system to be used with substations of all sizes from hundreds to tens of thousands of meter connection points.

Since the system was built with AMI in mind from the beginning it can enable utilities to perform all kinds of normal function from a remote location while still lowering their costs. Some of the tools available to utilities by using the TWACS platform include:

  • Accurate month read ported directly to billing – No estimated billing or special reads.
  • Soft & Hard Disconnect – Improved monthly collection and reduces bad debt
  • Pre-Pay Option – Ability to offer pre-paid services with ease.
  • Daily Usage – Using the system daily provides the ability to find out about problems right away rather then the next time the meter reader is on site.
  • Tamper Detection – Reduces the losses that care caused by meter tampering
  • Commercial Reads – Provides daily reads for load profiling and ability to reset peak demand
  • TOU Reads – Allows for remove programing of TOU data. Also includes clock synchronization and critical peak pricing capability.
  • Theft Prosecution Logs – Interruption logs with data/time and duration information for use with theft prosecution.
  • Consumption Monitoring – Monitor in near real time exactly how much power is being used.
TWACS System Overview

There are many more features and tools that come along with the Aclara TWACS technology for utilities to use. For more information please contact our metering department for details.

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