Construction Services

Contractor Services

General Pacific’s construction services department is designed to meet the needs of today’s utility contractors.  Assistance in material take-offs, in time deliveries, and direct job site deliveries are just some of the services that our contractor services department has to offer.  By providing products and value added services on projects from transmission lines to substations, we can help utility constructions get the information and products they need to get the job done right.

Contractor Services

Material Take-Offs
Construction services is able to help you get projects started by reviewing the project specifications and drawings to ensure that the proper material is getting ordered for the job.  This allows us to work closely with constructions and provide them with the correct material at the right price.

In Time Deliveries
Most of today’s utility contractors do not want to store products and materials in their warehouses and storage yards while they are waiting for jobs to start and more material to show up.   Our construction services department works closely with our warehouse and the contractors to store those materials in our building for them while making sure that the material gets to the construction when the job starts.

Job Site Deliveries
Utility contractors normally do not have the time to worry about getting material to the job site when the job starts.  General Pacific’s construction services department provides job site delivery options for contractors when they need it.  This allows the contractor to simply take delivery of the material when the job starts at the work site instead of having to store the material and get it to the site on their own.