Keeping It Green

Keeping It Green

The utility industry has the ability to have an incredible impact on the environment. From changing how we purchase our products and supplies to offering customers options from renewable sources, few groups can match the impact we can have. By working together with suppliers and customers we can each do our part to help ensure that the planet stays as healthy as possible.

The amount of the world’s resources that are wasted while doing day to day business is just staggering. Thousands of sheets of paper every month go into the printing, faxing and mailing of purchase orders, invoices and material quotes. Hundreds of gallons of fuel also go into delivering that ordered material to the customers. That is a huge environmental load to handle for the planet and with today’s technological advancements we can do something about it if we work together. In an effort to do our part for the environment, General Pacific has designed a new program called “Keeping It Green” to reward customer’s who do business with us in a greener manner.

Keeping It Green
With the Keeping It Green program that General Pacific has designed, customers are able to get a rebate account credit monthly for doing business with General Pacific in a green manner. Using the tools we provide, such as email, faxing and our online services, customers can do green business with us. Many of our customers are already utilizing some of these methods to do business with us. Now with the Keeping It Green program customers can get rebate credits for doing more of the same.

How it Works
The Keeping It Green program is extremely simple to participate in. Users can simply sign up and use our top three environmentally safe programs and General Pacific will credit your account monthly with a rebate credit based on your purchases. These rebate credits can be used by your utility or water district to pay for more material and services from General Pacific in the future. These future purchases, which you apply the credits to, will also qualify for the rebate credits.

Our Green Programs

QuickShip – Our QuickShip program allows customers to place their material purchases online as well as get material price quotes and track existing orders. QuickShip helps the environment by eliminating the need for customers to fax or mail copies of their purchase orders to us and therefore reduces the number of trees being cut down to make more paper.

Instant Invoice – The Instant Invoice program at General Pacific is simply a new method for receiving your invoices from GenPac. Currently all customers are mailed their invoices via the United States Postal Service, however the Instant Invoice program allows customers to get their invoices via email or faxed delivery methods. This helps reduce the amount of paper that the invoices are being printed on and reduces vehicle emissions from the mail delivery trucks.

Combined Delivery – Our combined delivery system is a method of reducing the number of shipments that General Pacific’s warehouse makes to your building with every order. Currently our warehouse ships material out to customers as soon as the material is available to ship. This way customers get the material they need right away. Using the combined delivery system, customers can choose more environmentally friendly ways for their shipments to be processed, such as weekly deliveries or only when each line item is complete.

Getting Started
Getting started with the Keeping It Green program is easy to do. In fact, you can do it all online right now! Simply click on the links to the different programs above and sign up for each of the programs selecting the options you would like. Once you are finished signing up for all of the above programs simply click on the link below to sign up for the Keeping It Green program. Once your company’s information is processed you will begin to receive monthly rebate credits via email.

Sign Up for The Keeping It Green Program Today!

If you would like more information regarding the Keeping It Green program please contact your account representative.