ConvectAir Heaters

It is widely known that warmer air rises to the ceiling pushing cooler air to the floor of a room. This can be proven by taking a temperature read near the ceiling of a room and another near the floor. The difference in the temperatures can be considerable. This tends to cause a problem as people most frequently occupy the space near the floor of a room where couches, beds and chairs are located.

The ConvectAir Solution

ConvectAir heating units help solve this problem with their unique heating systems. Each ConvectAir heater pulls air into the unit from the floor and pushes warm air out the top of the unit. This causes the air to circulate around the room and evens out the temperature throughout the area, see figure 1.0 for an example.

Figure 1.0

Figure 1.0

Energy Savings

The ConvectAir solution significantly reduces energy use in a number of ways. Most home thermostats are located on the wall roughly 5-6 feet above the floor. With the thermostat in this position, it is unable to properly read the temperatures near the floor and ceiling of the room. The rapid mixture of warm air into the entire room from a ConvectAir heater causes a more even temperature throughout the room and allows a thermostat to more accurately read room temperatures. Another way the ConvectAir saves energy is through its ability to circulate heat more effectively throughout a room. People tend to turn up the thermostat in a room when they are feeling a little cold. Since ConvectAir heaters mix the air in a better fashion than standard heaters, users are not as likely to adjust the thermostat higher to get warm. This allows the heater to run less and therefore use less energy.  A ConvectAir heater pays for itself in energy cost savings alone.


Most people have heard stories of a child who was burned by a radiator or heater or of little toys getting stuck in between the heater coils of a baseboard heater.  Product safety is a high priority in the design all the way through to the production of ConvectAir heaters. All ConvectAir heaters have slats over the grilles to prevent objects from slipping into the heater and come with rounded corners to prevent injuries. Every heater comes equipped with a lockable safety flap over the temperature control and a built in automatic disable device in case the heater gets too hot. This ensures that the heater will not get hot enough to cause burns if someone accidently touches the heater’s protective cover.

Peace of Mind

All ConvectAir heaters are protected by a double warranty – a two year warranty against all manufacturing and material defects and a five year warranty against the heating element itself. Both warranties become active on the date of purchase rather than on the manufactured date as on most products. Full warranty information for each unit is available on ConvectAir’s website at

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