QuickShip Ipod Giveaway

Ipod PictureGeneral Pacific, Inc. is pleased to announce our QuickShip E&O Ipod Giveaway.  GenPac will be giving away 120GB Ipod classics to three lucky winners on April 27th 2009, the Monday after the NWPPA Engineering and Operations conference in Spokane, WA.

There are two ways to enter to win one of the three Ipod classics.

The first way is to place an order via the QuickShip online ordering system.  Every order placed between Feb 1st 2009 and April 26th 2009 will be used as a entry to win one of two Ipods that will be given away to QuickShip users.

The GenPac web team is interested in getting your feedback on our website and QuickShip.  The 3rd Ipod will be given away to users who provide us feedback on our Website and the QuickShip system by using the Website Feedback form at the bottom of every page.  Every feedback form submission will be used as a entry to win the 3rd Ipod!  The more feedback you provide the more changes you have to win!

Be sure to stop by General Pacific’s E&O booth for more opportunities to win fun tech gadgets!

The winners names will be posted online once the drawings have been completed.  Users are not eligible to win more then one Ipod.