New Facility Pictures – 8/24/2009

There has been lots of activity at the construction site since the last update. The update on July 28th, 2009 showed the first panels being put into place. Since then all of the walls have been put into place and the first couple of layers of roofing have been put on to the building. By the end of this week all of the concrete work at the job site will be done and next week the asphalt will be complete.

Our general contractor has been doing a fantastic job on getting the whole project together and making sure things keep progressing at a regular rate. Currently they are 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and foresee no future delays as of yet.

Here’s some pictures:

Below is the front of the new office area. The corner is mock up area for the new paint scheme.

Front of Office Area - 8-24-09

The following is the same painted area from the east…

Office View From East - 8-24-09

Here is a nice view of the outside covered storage area for products…

Outside Covered Storage - 8-24-09

The following shows the primary dock loading area before the concrete truck apron was poured…

Primary Dock Area - 8-24-09

This is a inside view of the main warehouse storage area…

Main Warehouse Storage Area - 8-24-09

This final picture shows a partial view of the office area.

Office Area - 8-24-09

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