Wind and Solar Bi Directional and Net Metering

Are there wind or solar generation sites being installed on your utility system?

General Pacific and Itron Electric Meters can help you with Net or Bi-Directional Metering solutions. Meters are available with Net Metering Registers, which subtract power Received by the utility from the customer, from Delivered power, that is supplied by the utility to the customer. Meters are also available with Bi Directional Metering Registers, which display energy Received, Delivered, and the Net Difference. With the help of General Pacific, meters can be configured to display the value and a three letter ID of the value. Upon programming the meters, a simple “rEc”, “dEl”, and “nEt” can be used to notate values on the display, making the meters easy to read by the customer and meter readers.

Meters are available in all current meter forms, with R300/ERT radio registers, and in single or three phase applications.

Please contact our office at (800) 547-9744 and ask for Larisa Podrezov for more information on how we can help!

1-ph to 3-ph Bi-Directional or Net meters

1-ph to 3-ph Bi-Directional or Net meters

Municipal Solar Panel

Municipal Solar Panel

2 Responses to “Wind and Solar Bi Directional and Net Metering”

  1. Ray Cole Says:

    We have a newly installed 10kw solar system with an Itron Bi Directional 4 display meter and I need to know how to read the meter.

    Thanks in advance and any help will be greatly appreciated,


  2. Anthony Costello Says:

    I too have a solar system which generates more than our consumption over a year. How do I read the meter (Itron C1SDR2)? It rotates the display between 3 figures, none of which appear to relate to our consumption or the solar output read directly from the inverter output?

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