Itron releases PC-Pro+ 9.70

Product Release:

Itron has recently released their newest version of PC-Pro+, version 9.70. This release contains major changes to the PC-Pro+ Advanced and Field Pro software offerings, most notably allowing them to interface with the new Centron II C12.19 residential meter.

Changes, additions and notable features:

Meter Configuration Editor

    • A new application has been added to PC-Pro+ Advanced. This application provides tools for building configuration files for the Centron II C12.19 meter.
    • The Meter Configuration Editor streamlines the creation and modification of meter configuration files.

Field Pro

The toolset in Field Pro has been modified and updated to function as the communications software for the Centron II C12.19 meter. The following features are available in Field Pro but are not currently enabled with the Centron II C12.19. These features are slated to be enabled on the Centron II C12.19 towards the end of 2011.

    • Meter Change out
    • Upload to Master Station
    • Prompt for clearing billing registers. When performing a full initialization please be aware that all billing registers will be cleared.

The Centron II C12.19 meter is NOT supported in Shop-Pro 9.70, PC-Pro+ Views 9.70 or HH-Pro.

To download the latest version of PC-Pro+, please visit the Itron Access website and go to the Support Services –> Product Downloads section. For detailed instructions on how to find this section and download files from Itron Access, please read our how-to guide on downloading from Itron Access. If you need to signup for an Itron Access account, please read our how-to guide on signing up for Itron Access.

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