Itron competitors making false representations regarding ERT product

It has come to the attention of Itron and its Distributors that certain AMI solution providers in the marketplace have been falsely representing that Itron would stop supporting ERTs entirely by 2021.  This information is false.  Below is the official statement from Itron.  You can also download the statement from this link.


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In 2011, Tantalus and Itron partnered to deliver ERT® information reading functionality for the companies’ joint solution platform for municipal and cooperative utilities. The solution was designed for utilities to quickly and cost-effectively migrate from a one-way drive-by or walk-by system to near real-time meter reading via TUNet® – the Tantalus Utility Network – configured as a fixed network, two-way AMI solution. The solution is capable of multi-commodity communication, including electric, water, and gas.

Itron recently learned that some AMI solution providers have been falsely representing that Itron would stop supporting ERTS entirely by 2021. This information is false, and Itron formally has demanded that these entities immediately cease misrepresenting Itron’s business. Itron is actively evaluating its legal options.

Itron remains fully committed to the Tantalus partnership by providing Tantalus, unlike other AMI providers, with a license to access and fully read ERT endpoints. Information provided by AMI providers other than Tantalus that claim the ability to read Itron meters is both misleading and deceptive.

Although other providers may be technically capable of reading the one-way SCM+ message, the data that they can access is just a subset of the full data and value made available by Itron Datalogging ERTs. More specifically, the one-way SCM+ contains only the ERT ID, consumption read, and limited tampers. Itron Datalogging ERTs make available extended data to which providers other than Tantalus do not have access. Itron has not licensed the reader technology to AMI providers other than Tantalus, nor do they technically
have the capability to read the extended data. Reading the complete datalogging interval data in the Itron ERTs requires two-way communication to the ERT, which only Tantalus can provide. The extended data set of interval data can be used for customer presentment, demand calculations, time of use charge calculation, and other consumption analysis and distribution optimization analysis such as losses/leak detection. This is of great value to the utility and enhances the long-term value of the ERT.

In summary:

  • Unlike AMI providers that claim to read the one-way ERT in the same drive-by configuration deployed today, Tantalus is unique in their ability to fully leverage the Itron two-way SCM+ ERT messages and migrate your ERT population to a fixed-network utilizing Tantalus enabled endpoints.
  • Without Itron providing an express, written license of our reader technology, AMI solution providers are legally prohibited from accessing the extended ERT data, because they cannot perform two-way commands with Itron’s endpoints.
  • Also, the critical internal data, which is the primary value add, is not technically accessible by providers other than Tantalus.
  • Itron has no plans at this time to stop delivering and supporting ERTs.
  • In fact, Itron continues to invest in products and solutions that include ERTs or ERT technology, as it is an integral part of our many solutions.

Please contact Itron if there are further questions on this topic.

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