Hockey Puck transformer finds home in irrigation systems

A new development from Two Sockets Two Meters, Inc. (TSTM) recently found a place in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, in heart of Minnesota lake country. Lake Region REC covers 3200 square miles and has 5600 miles of line, and it required a demand response unit (DRU) control at the pivot control panel in a series of irrigation systems. This control panel included a variety of automatic starting equipment and other systems, but it lacked a neutral to connect with the Aclara DRU unit.

The Hockey Puck, a specially designed auxiliary power auto transformer, has enabled the Lake Region to connect the DRU line to line at 480 volts. Ed Jenson, VP of Engineering/Operations of Lake Region, said, “TSTM developed a Hockey Puck auto transformer that carries a larger VA rating of 3000VA which provided the DRU with adequate signaling strength.” He went on to say, “We had about 500 of these particular installations and it was imperative that we develop a solution to provide a power option for the DRU, and the Hockey Puck from TSTM was a great solution.”

The Hockey Puck transformer is designed for those applications where a larger burden capability is required. It carries a 300 VA rating and can be used to protect and power a variety of endpoints, modems, underglass transmitters and a variety of other electronic equipment. For more information, please contact your General Pacific sales rep or email

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