COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Information

There is a great deal of concern and uncertainty in the marketplace regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and what that means to material supplies and the supply chain. As of this moment, we are seeing little impact related directly to the coronavirus. We have been contacting many of our suppliers, asking that same question.

The standard answer “As our China-based suppliers continue to ramp production, we are receiving greater clarity on the potential impact to our supply chain, and we are actively working to mitigate constraints. We will update you as quickly as possible with any impacts on supply”

The bottom line, no one knows what the actual impact will be, it changes by the hour. This uncertainty causes hording of materials and exasperates the situation.

Separately, in general, General Pacific (GenPac) has seen increased lead-times during the past several months because of the strong economy. We believe these longer lead times will continue for some time to come. GenPac has been increasing stock levels due to these longer lead times.

GenPac has prepared a plan for our own operations going forward and are continuing to monitor the information being released by our suppliers. Any information provided to us by suppliers will be updated below as we receive it. Also, if anyone is experiencing supply related issues please email and we will post for other customers benefit.

Supplier Updates:

Last updated 5/4/2020

3M (Updated 3/18/2020) – “3M remains committed to serving our customers around the world. We have made provisions and action plans to be able to maintain our operations and to serve you. We will also maintain frequent and open communication with you as we move ahead in this dynamic environment.”

ABB (Updated 2/28/2020) – “We would like to reassure you that we are adapting our operations to meet the challenges of the current situation to ensure we continue to meet your needs and maintain supply of our products and services in light of the extraordinary circumstances created by coronavirus situation.”

Aclara (TWACS) (Updated 3/20/2020) – “In general, the sentiment from the communications we have received from our suppliers is that delays are expected including some impact on transportation and logistics. However, we are not able to quantify the extent at this point. It will be highly dependent on the local government directives and workforce availability for each of our suppliers and our factories. Our plan is to proactively communicate when we see confirmed risk of supply along with a recovery plan on an individual basis.”

Aluma-Form (Updated 3/13/2020) – “Right now, all I see is CSG15LX or CSG27LX cutouts being delayed . . . about 2 months. This is simply due to supply chain . . . not related to Covid-19.”

Badger Meter (Updated 3/23/2020) – “With “Shelter in Place” orders being instituted all over, Badger Meter has all workers that can do so, working from home. All Manufacturing is continuing with alternate shifts to assist with the change in many peoples family dynamic. At current, lead times for Standard offerings have not been affected. Most items are able to be shipped within a couple weeks of being ordered. However, We are noticing a large increase in demand for shipping as people around the country are relying on deliveries.”

Brooks Metering Products (Updated 4/2/2020) – “Our inventory positions are strong, our supply base has been unaffected, and our plants are operating efficiently. Finally, because of the important products provided to the transportation, agriculture, and medical industries, TydenBrooks has been recognized by DHS as a supplier of “critical and essential products”. Accordingly, we are working with local and state officials, and our suppliers, to ensure no interruption in our production and supply of products.”

Brooks Utility Products (Updated 3/19/2020) – “Brooks continues to operate at full capacity, ensuring customers on-time delivery of product. Brooks continues to work closely with our own suppliers to assess potential risks and can share that our supply chain has not been impacted thus far and should be able to continue providing material to support your needs . . . We’ve all seen the unprecedented government mandated shutdowns of San Francisco and New York. Similar actions could impact product delivery temporarily. With the uncertainty posed by government intervention on other industries it remains a guess as to whether our state (Michigan) will force a mandatory, temporary shut-down to aid in containment of COVID-19. With that possibility in mind we encourage you to consider stocking product now to avoid potential disruption in the immediate and foreseeable future.”

CME Cable (Updated 3/12/2020) – “At this point we have not seen a dramatic increase to lead times for make to order material. Products we typically stock (mostly LV URD, and OH) are seeing a bit of a run on them.”

CRC Industries (Updated 3/27/2020) – “To date, CRC’s Americas’ operations have not experienced any supply chain interruptions and we will continue to monitor this fluid situation in partnership with our suppliers. Our commitment to you is we will take all available actions, consistent with our priorities, to reduce any impacts to you, our valued customers. As a result, you can expect timely communications should supply chain constraints develop that may affect our service levels. We are here to offer solutions to help during this challenging time and remain committed to providing the superior service and products that you have come to expect of our company. We acknowledge this is a rapidly evolving situation and know with your collaboration, we can meet the challenges ahead of us.”

Encore Wire (Updated 3/12/2020) – “Encore Wire has engaged its key suppliers and there are no expected impacts to production.”

ERMCO (Updated 4/9/2020) – “ERMCO has been in continuous contact with our main supplier of bayonet fuse holders since we were informed of their shortage of component parts of the holders sourced from China. Our main supplier received the component parts earlier this week and has begun manufacturing the bayonet fuse holders on an expedited schedule with increased production volume. ERMCO is expediting shipment and delivery of the bayonet fuse holders.

ERMCO has and continues to reach out to the other two suppliers of bayonet fuse holders available in the United States to secure additional product.

The updated delivery promises of bayonet fuse holders from our main and other suppliers will allow us to continue production of single and three phase pad mounted transformers with no interruption in our production schedule.”

ESTES (Updated 3/19/2020) – “At Estes, we’re not just working hard to meet our customers’ needs during this uncertain time, we’re committed to doing it in a way that ensures the safety and wellbeing of our people and the people we serve. For our Residential customers, this means we will not require a Signature for home delivery and have temporarily suspended all deliveries inside the home to mitigate the risk of potential exposure to both our consignees and employees.

While no Estes employee has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus at this time, we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep our terminals clean and our employees healthy. We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitization protocols at all our facilities, and continue to share CDC guidance and best practices with our employees to prevent the spread of the virus.

We have also taken the recommended suggestions to practice social distancing, by having our Sales Team work remotely. So, while you may not see your Sales Rep onsite, they will continue to communicate with you via phone and email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions, or visit our website at for updates.”

Evluma (Updated 4/1/2020) – “The Evluma contract manufacturer in Hermosillo is shutting down their production as of today. The state of Sonora declared a medical emergency, and closed down most businesses. Lead times for existing evluma orders are expected to be delayed an additional 8 to 12 weeks. For any new orders 12 to 16 weeks. OmniMax and AX 100 are good for a while but components will start coming up short in 30 days or so. As everyone knows these are estimates based on our latest information. We will keep you updated.”

Honeywell (Updated 3/19/2020) – “We are pleased to say that our teams have done a terrific job mitigating most impact from COVID-19 to our production operations and that the vast majority of our manufacturing and service sites are online . . . In some cases, however, we are seeing delays in supplier deliveries or logistic flows. Our teams are working hard to minimize these delivery impacts as much as possible. As needed, we are notifying affected customers of delays and as new information comes available.”

Hubbell (Updated 4/28/2020) – “We have abided by all governmental and local policies and to-date, have had no reported COVID-19 cases in our Juarez facilities. Even so, with authorities working to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19, in concert with the Mexican government, we have made the decision to suspend operations at our Juarez facilities. This includes our facility manufacturing overhead switching and connector products primarily for the distribution market and our facility manufacturing enclosure products primarily for the telecommunications market. We expect both facilities to reopen sometime in early May and will provide more specific timing in the near future.”

Itron (Updated 3/19/2020) – “We intend to keep our communities safe and healthy while meeting our daily business operations. We understand that during this unique situation there is no business as usual, but we will continue to deliver the highest level of support and service to our customers and partners.”

Kortick Manufacturing (Updated 3/13/2020) – “The majority of Kortick supplied product consists of domestic materials and fabrication which helps reduce the number of geographic considerations in our Corona Virus mitigation plan. Kortick maintains two major steel suppliers in the United States each with multiple geographic locations. Kortick has added fabrication redundancy throughout our supply chain over the last three years. The Chinese based product groups have experienced some delay to date but they are on track to normalize by end of March. Our Chinese suppliers have stated they are on the path to normalization. The Chinese outbreak coincided with Chinese New Year, a period that already requires ramped up inventories at our facility which have helped minimize short term impact. We are monitoring container availability and booking far out in advance. Kortick will continue to monitor.”

MacLean-Fogg (Updated 3/12/2020) – “There are no known interruptions of significance at this time.”

MacLean Power Systems  (Updated 5/1/2020) – “All MPS locations are open and producing vital parts for the nation’s power grid. There were rumors in the industry that some of the MacLean facilities were shutdown due to COVID-19. We were just provided with this updated information.”

Monster Electrical (Updated 3/18/2020) – “Critical medium voltage fuses and 5kV Motor Control Parts, remains open and ready to ship during these difficult times. Our locations in New Jersey and Oregon can service customers nationwide.”

NGK-LOCKE, INC. (Updated 3/18/2020) – “NGK-LOCKE, INC. and NGK-Locke Polymer Insulators, Inc. continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation both locally and globally. We recognize that some customers are concerned about potential delays to the delivery of our products related to the virus. Other than the steps that we are taking to minimize the potential spread of the virus within our facilities, operations have not been effected by the virus. For most production materials we set and maintain inventory stock levels that will see us through supply interruptions lasting more than a month. To manage supply chain risk we maintain multiple sources for all essential materials. We keep in close contact with our domestic and international suppliers, and at this time all material sources are reporting little or no delays associated with the virus. We are concerned about potential transportation delays delay in the near future. If any interruptions to our supply chains do occur that will impact product deliveries, all affected customers will be notified.”

OFS (Updated 3/12/2020) – “Our cable lead times are not related to COVID-19, but rather increased demand against limited capacity . . . current lead times which continue to go out now at 17-21 weeks.”

Penn-Union (Updated 3/18/2020) – “To date, Penn Union operations have not been impacted by COVID-19 outbreak. Our objective is to continue to manufacture and provide service and deliveries to our customers with as little disruption as possible. Our raw material and finished goods inventory levels are robust, and we are taking the long view to ensure that we have the inventory needed to manage our businesses through these uncertain times.”

Plymouth Tape (Updated 5/4/2020) – “We want to inform you that our engines are on, manufacturing facilities remain fully operational and Plymouth is prepared to address various scenarios with different contingency plans to mitigate any possible, though unlikely, disruption on our daily activity.”

Probewell (Updated 3/25/2020) – “Although there may be some delays because of the reduce workforce, we do not foresee any major disruption to our service for the time being and orders should be fulfilled as usual.”

PSI Solutions, Inc. (Updated 3/16/2020) – “We are currently working with our suppliers to monitor potential impacts to our supply chain, and for now we are seeing no immediate effect on our ability to source or ship products.”

Rheem Water Heating Division (Updated 4/20/2020) – “Our Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing sites remain fully operational. As shared in our recent communication, our Mexicali operations remain temporarily suspended. We are working tirelessly with critical stakeholders and strategic partnerships to ensure our operations are deemed appropriately by Mexico government officials. As a result of this short disruption, our current lead-time is extending by approximately 20 business days for all of our manufacturing operations. Please note, we reserve the right to limit shipments to meet normal monthly demand.”

Richards Mfg (Updated 4/28/2020) – “Richards is experiencing a significant disruption of our workforce due to the severity of COVID-19 in the New York Metropolitan Area. Our ability to manufacture, pack and ship our product has been reduced. We are seeing a stretching of lead times and delays in shipping our open orders. This is a fluid situation as our available human resources are fluctuating daily.”

Service Wire Co. (Updated 3/12/2020) – “To date, we have not seen any disruption from our suppliers. Service Wire Co. sources all our raw materials from North America, primarily from the USA. This alleviates any impact due to international travel/logistics. Additionally, we have multiple suppliers for most of our raw materials which helps us ensure continuous supply. The geographic dispersion of our three manufacturing locations across the country help insulate Service Wire Co. from the impact of localized pandemics. Due to the high levels of redundancy at all of our locations, we can smoothly transition production to other facilities which are not as highly affected.”

Tempo (Updated 3/16/2020) – “As of now, the COVID-19 virus is not significantly impacting Tempo Communications’ ability to support your needs.”

Tyden Brooks, Metering Products (Updated 3/23/2020) – “Our supply chain remains intact and at the present time has not been impacted by the Coronavirus. The majority of our production is here in the United States and we are still operating at full capacity and shipping on time. Our company owned plant in Suzhou, China is now fully operational.”

WEG Transformer Co. (Updated 3/13/2020) – “This is a rapidly evolving situation and can quickly change and nobody can predict the future at this time. Currently WEG is not procuring any items directly from China, such as core steel, winding materials or any other key material for transformers. Indirectly, our most prominent concern is the supply of bushings as China manufacturers the porcelain for all the US bushing manufacturers. WEG’s Supply Chain has reached out to our bushing suppliers but so far, there is no disruption in supply anticipated.”

Wilson Electronics (Updated 3/18/2020) – “We are also working closely with shipping companies and suppliers to maintain the same level of quality service you have come to expect from Wilson Electronics.”