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Thank you to all the customers and vendors that attended our open house and vendor fair yesterday. The event was a huge success! The General Pacific team was very excited to have everyone come see our new facility and get a chance to visit will all the vendors in attendance. Here are some of the pictures from the event…

There has been lots of activity at the construction site since the last update. The update on July 28th, 2009 showed the first panels being put into place. Since then all of the walls have been put into place and the first couple of layers of roofing have been put on to the building. By the end of this week all of the concrete work at the job site will be done and next week the asphalt will be complete.

Over the past couple of months there has been a lot of activity on the construction site.  In June the general contractor was able to get the office and warehouse slabs built.  In July they have been focusing on building the concrete panel walls for the building.  As of today all of those panels are complete and they are starting the assembly process of the new facility.

The construction crews have been working very hard on the new facility site for the last few weeks.  The site has been stripped and the crews are almost finished building the pad for the foundation.  It is expected that by the end of next week they will have the concrete foundations for both the office and warehouse areas done.  Here are some updated pictures to show you the progress of the development.


General Pacific, Inc. is pleased to announce the early ground breaking of our new facility in Fairview, Oregon.

Ground Breaking Group Shot

General Pacific is pleased to announce that the drawings for the E&O promotional giveaways have been completed.  Over the past 2-3 months GenPac has been working hard with our users to improve our online ordering and shipping system QuickShip.  As a promotion leading up to the NWPPA E&O conference, which was last week, GenPac decided to give away three 120GB Apple Ipod Classic’s.  What was not announced was that we were also going to be collecting business cards at the conference to be used as a drawing for a free Dell Mini laptop.

General Pacific is pleased to announce that we have made significant improvements to our QuickShip program recently.  Over the past few weeks we have received a great deal of feedback from our QuickShip users and have implemented many design changes and fixes because of this.  Here is a partial list of changes that were made recently due to your feedback.

Recently we recieved some website feedback from Glenda Part at Coos Curry Electric Coop regarding the add to cart button on our QuickShip search results pages.

I would like to ability to order from the search page vs having to go to a second screen.

We went back and looked at the old QuickShip site and found that Glenda was correct and the search results page did have an add to cart button located on it and the item details pages.

Darcye Hoffman from City of Cheney had the following to say about QuickShip..

Just got my login for quickship and I am very excited about the features.
I can’t tell you the number of times that I get very little info from the crew on something they need, that they say “I think we get it from Gen Pac”. Now I can look back in your order history.

In early January 2009 GenPac submitted to the City of Fairview for our building permits.  This process is expected to take about 3 months to complete.  We are still on track for a mid May to mid June construction start date.