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Tiiger Inc., originally started as Thiermann Industries by William E. Thiermann, designs and manufactures high quality field equipment for utilities.  Being a former lineman, Thierman knows the challenges that have faced lineman over the years and has designed each Tiiger product to meet those challenges while keeping employee safety in mind.  Since all Tiiger products are designed by a former linemen they provide crews with the tools necessary to get in an out of job sites quickly with minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

Tiiger Pole Puller – Model 4001D
The Tiiger Pole Puller is a utility pole removal system designed to handle even the toughest of jobs.  Many utilities are currently either removing poles using their boom trucks or cutting old poles off at ground level.  The problem with these methods is that cut off poles don’t look good and using a boom truck can easily cause truck damage or hurt utility employees.  Why take the risk of damaging expensive trucks or injuring employees when the Tiiger utility pole puller provides a cost effective solution to the problem?

Tiiger’s utility pole removal system features a hydraulic cylinder with a 16″ stroke and 50,120 lbs of lift at 2800 psi allowing even the toughest and deepest of poles to be removed in 2-3 lifts.  The pole puller system also weighs in at 57 lbs causing it to be close to half the weight of other utility pole puller systems on the market.  Tiiger’s pole puller system also includes the following features:

  • Carrying handles
  • Low center of gravity to prevent kick outs
  • Unique chain hook assembly to provide maximum lift per stroke
  • Internal cylinder relief system to prevent hydraulic explosions

Tiiger Pole Puller Pad
The pole puller pad is an essential  add on for the Tiiger pole puller system.  Made from one inch solid UHMW material, the pad provides an excellent method for reducing the pressure per square inch of the pullers cylinder on the ground.  The pole puller pad also provides an handle for easy carrying and four raised metal pegs to hold the pullers base in a secure and safe position.

Tiiger Pole Puller Back Plates
Tiiger’s back plates are an excellent resource for reducing chain roll-up when using their utility pole remover system.  These plates remove the possibility for chain slippage by using built in angled steel hooks that dig into the pole when under pressure for the pole puller.  The back plate is light, only seven pounds, and is a great add on to the pole puller system.

Tiiger Cage
After investing the money in such a high quality utility pole removing system you are surely going to want to protect your investment instead of having it roll around in the back of a line truck, this is where the Tiiger Cage come in.  The cage is a storage and transportation system for the pole puller system that comes equipped with brackets and tie down straps for the entire pole puller system and all the add-ons.  The cage also comes with built in handles on the top and sides for easy carrying and a full length hinge to ensure proper lid alignment.

Tiiger Two-Wheel Dolly
The two-wheel dolly provides a great tool for moving a utility pole from one location to another on the job site.  The dolly is equipped with low pressure turf tires and 180 degree steering providing linemen with the ability to move poles up to 2,200 lbs over even the roughest terrain.  Tiiger’s dolly weighs in at 157 lbs and is only 32 inches wide and 27 inches high.

Tiiger Transformer Deck
The transformer deck is an add on for the Tiiger dolly system that provides a easy to use flat surface to move pad mount transformers around a job site.  Tiigers transformer deck is offered with the option of a second two wheel dolly or a fixed axle dolly and a “T” bar.  The deck has the ability to move transformers up to 3000 lbs and is 97 inches in length.

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