With over 125 years of experience, EJ produces innovative, high quality infrastructure access solutions to meet the varied needs of the industry. All products meet or exceed industry specifications and, with two foundries located in the USA, their products satisfy the “Buy America” provision of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.

WaterMaster® Fire Hydrants

The WaterMaster® fire hydrant provides reliable performance and fluid operation, with quality components and functional design. Both the WaterMaster® 5CD250 and 5BR250 fire hydrants meet or exceed the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 246, Factory Mutual 1510, and ANSI/AWWA C502 Standard for Dry-Barrel Fire Hydrants.

FlowMaster® Valves

The FlowMaster® valve features a full diameter waterway for smooth and unobstructed flow, low torque operation, fusion bonded epoxy coated surfaces, and stainless steel fasteners. Its performance meets or exceeds AWWA Standard C515.

Valve Boxes

The two and three piece 5 ¼” cast iron valve boxes, in both slip and screw designs, are made in the USA and offer interchangeability with major domestic manufacturers. Both locking and non-locking drop lids, along with special lettering and custom logos, are provided. All boxes meet the requirements of the ASTM A48.