Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers are multiple isolated operating system installations that share the same physical hardware. Due to this, virtual servers are a perfect stepping point between shared hosting and dedicated servers by offering both a lower monthly operating cost and high configuration capabilities. General Pacific’s virtual server hosting services include all of the following features:

Full Administrative Access
General Pacific provides full administrative access to each virtual server we offer. This allows you to fully customize the operating system settings and software configurations to meet your organizations needs. This level of access can only be found on virtual and dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated Memory & Space Allocations
Never worry about another virtual server using up all the memory or hard drive space on the physical shared machine. When using a virtual server from General Pacific you are guaranteed that the memory and hard drive space you paid for will be there when you need it. General Pacific does not oversell our physical virtual server hosts.

Full Operating System Isolation
When using other services like shared web hosting there’s always a concern about who your server neighbors are. This is not the case with a virtual server from General Pacific. The operating system installation, IP addresses, and system configuration are all dedicated to your virtual server installation.

IPv6 Ready
As the number of IPv4 internet addresses continue to deplete, it will be increasingly important for companies to have their servers connected to an IPv6 ready network. All of the operating systems, server hardware, and network equipment used with General Pacific’s virtual servers are connected using both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

To find out more about General Pacific’s virtual server hosting options, call our technical services sales team at (503) 907-2900. General Pacific also offers server management services with our virtual servers for those users who are uncomfortable managing their own server systems.