Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is an excellent low cost solution for obtaining website hosting and email services for your organization. General Pacific offers shared web hosting on both Linux and Windows based platforms. Each of General Pacific’s shared web hosting accounts comes complete with all of the following features:

Management Control Panel
Use our management control panel to manage and configure your website hosting account. The control panel allows you to do everything from creating email accounts, manage databases and change basic site configurations for the web server service.

Website Programming Support
Whether you’re on Microsoft Windows or Linux based web hosting, General Pacific has all the latest programming languages available for your site. On Windows ASP & are available, and on Linux PHP & Perl.

POP3/IMAP Email Support
General Pacific offers an unlimited number of email accounts for your domain. Each email account is able to use either the POP3 or IMAP protocols to connect and get their email, making the email accounts compatible with every major piece of email software available today. A web based email program is also available for users who do not have a standard email client.

Database Support
All of our shared web hosting accounts come with complete database support for your web applications. MySQL, an enterprise quality database server, is available on Linux and Microsoft SQL Server is available on Windows.

Call our technical services sales team at (503) 907-2900 today and get more information about our shared web hosting services. Our sales technicians can assist you in choosing the correct hosting platform for your site.