Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server provides the only way to unlock the full power of Microsoft Outlook. By coupling Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook users in your organization are able to collaborate and by more productive by leveraging the new features available.

True Mobile Support
Exchange Server enables users to get true mobile support with their Microsoft Outlook data by making all of their calendars, contacts, and email available on their Windows Mobile, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and Google Android (phones & tablets) devices. Microsoft Exchange’s mobile support offers a true two-way syncing capability for these devices, eliminating the need to deal with email on your mobile device and then again on your computer. Users are also able to access all of their Microsoft Outlook data via any internet connected computer by using Outlook Web Access, a special exchange enabled website.

Shared Outlook Information
Microsoft’s Exchange Server allows users to easily share their calendars with other users in their organization while still being able to mark certain events as private so the other users can’t see the details of the event. Users in your organization are also able to easily schedule group meetings with Exchange’s automatic free/busy information sharing. Users can list all of the required meeting attendees and find an open time slot that works for everyone without needing access to their shared calendar. Exchange’s sharing capabilities don’t just stop at calendars though, as users are also able to perform similar sharing with their email contacts and tasks.

Server Level Email Rules
Exchange provides the ability for users to create their own server level routing rules for email. If users want emails from a particular user or company to automatically be marked as read and filed in a folder, Exchange will take care of these tasks before delivering the email to the user’s Outlook or mobile device.

Easy Account Setup
Setting up new mobile devices and computers with Microsoft Exchange is easy. Users and administrators no longer have to remember server names, port numbers, or authentication settings to get their email working. When connecting new devices and computers to Microsoft Exchange simply enter your email address, user name, and password then let Exchange take care of the rest.

General Pacific’s Microsoft Exchange hosting services allows your company to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise level mail and collaboration system without incurring the enterprise level costs. This allows organizations of any size to take advantage of all that Microsoft’s Exchange Server has to offer. Some other benefits of hosting your Exchange server with General Pacific include:

Spam and Virus Filtering
General Pacific also offers advanced server level spam and virus filtering for our Exchange Hosting customers. All known virus messages are immediately rejected at the server level, giving our users peace of mind when they are accessing their email. Spam messages are also automatically marked with a easily identifiable spam subject line tag which Outlook automatically filters into the junk email folder.

Automatic Email Backups
Getting quality backups of Exchange Server data requires corporate quality backup software. General Pacific has such a server backup software package in place to take automatic backups of your Exchange server data on a daily basis.

Outlook Software Subscriptions
Not currently using Microsoft Outlook for your email client? On an older version of the software that doesn’t have the latest features? Not to worry! General Pacific can provide our Exchange Server customers with an Outlook software subscription to keep your company up to date with the latest version of Outlook for a low monthly fee.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
With all of the hardware, Exchange Server Licensing, Client Access Licensing, Microsoft Outlook software, and backup software, running an in house exchange server can cost thousands of dollars. Getting Microsoft Exchange Server hosting from General Pacific can be done for a low monthly mailbox fee. This reduces your total cost of ownership on using Exchange to a fraction of what an in house system would cost. General Pacific also offers Exchange services on both dedicated and shared hosting platforms, allowing users to reduce service costs even more by sharing hardware with other companies.

Still not sure if Microsoft Exchange hosting is right for you? Give our technical servers sales team a call at (503) 907-2900 and we’ll help you find the best choice for your organization.