Co-Location Hosting Services

Co-Location services are an great way to get hosting for your existing or pre-configured servers. General Pacific can host the equipment that you own in our data center and can manage all of the supporting infrastructure so your organization doesn’t have to. Each Co-located server at General Pacific is supplied with all of the following features:

You Own The Hardware
Your organization doesn’t lose the investment that they have already made in server hardware. Your existing equipment can be placed in General Pacific’s data center and hooked up to our network. Our data center is designed to handle both rack mountable and tower server configurations.

No Network Worries
Eliminate the need to manage redundant internet connections and complicated network infrastructure to keep your servers online. General Pacific’s Co-Location services allow you to worry about operating your server and leaves the network work to us. Our network is built to be fully redundant, from our dual fiber internet connections all the way to the switch your server will plug in to.

Environmental Control
General Pacific’s data center has great environmental control with our HVAC systems. Our server area is kept at 70 degrees at all times with full humidity control.

KVM & Remote Reboot
Every server in the General Pacific data center is connected with remote Keyboard, Video, and Mouse control so users can access the console of your server when needed. All servers are also connected to a remote power switch which allows the power to be cut to the server using a standard web interface.

Physical Security
Our data center security is kept to the authorized personnel only. Key card access is required to enter the data center facility and power administration areas. This level of access is reserved only for those members of our staff that need it.

Need more information regarding our data center or Co-Location services? Give our technical services sales team a call at (503) 907-2900 today! Server management services are also available for servers and organizations that are using our Co-Location services. This makes it a perfect match for organizations with Aclara T.W.A.C.S. and Badger ReadCenter systems.