Training and Consulting Services

Need a little extra assistance with the software packages your organization uses? Perhaps a better understanding of some of the features and capabilities contained within the software? General Pacific’s Technical Services team offers on-site and remote training and consulting services for many of the enterprise software packages used by utilities for their AMR & AMI infrastructure. Our technical services team also offers limited on-site computer consulting services in regards to your desktop and workstation systems.

Our trained consulting specialists stay up-to-date on the latest features and software fixes so your organization doesn’t have to. Some of the software packages we support include:

Itron MV-RS

Our MV-RS specialists can assist you with collector communications, route setup/management and MV-RS system administration and optimization. We even offer full system training for both new and existing systems. Our technicians can also work with your billing software providers for full integration between your billing/CIS system and  the MV-RS reading system.

Itron PC-PRO+ Advanced
Our technicians can assist with communication problems with meters, training on programming meters and installing new hardware such as optical probes. Our specialists have been programming meters with PC-PRO+ for years and would be happy to help.

For more information regarding our training and consulting services, give our technical services sales team a call at (503) 907-2900.