One of TESCO’s greatest strengths is the ability to successfully work with utility clients in a variety of capacities, and they have diversified their products and services as customers’ needs have evolved. Utilities provide a unique market segment, and TESCO engineers have worked within this segment to develop quality systems, from automated material handling and meter cleaning to meter records and meter testing.

TESCO can provide the following equipment and services for metering professionals:

  • Field test equipment
  • Meter shop and AMI lab equipment
  • Meter test switches and accessories
  • Safety equipment
  • Spare parts, calibration and repair
  • Meter manager software
  • AMI support and engineering services

TESCO has built a reputation for durability and become synonymous with reliability. The lines of light weight field test equipment and qualification/warm-up boards combined with their ground breaking meter manager software suite and AMI support and engineering services have made TESCO a preferred metering supplier for utilities across North America.

Electric Metering