PayGo Electric

The PayGo system is designed to have the same look and feel as existing systems, and it delivers a complete pre-pay solution.

Why pre-pay?

Why would a utility consider offering a pre-pay option? Over the last few years, the utility’s receivables have increased an average of 35-50%, and write-offs have increased proportionately. Implementing PayGo’s system will generate sizable cost savings while streamlining all customer service and billing systems. With an average of 77 days delinquency before disconnection in a post-pay system, PayGo’s pre-pay significantly reduces or eliminates the risk of bad debt and write-offs. Their proprietary automated system also substantially reduces or eliminates incoming calls to call centers, as has been seen with server-side pre-pay systems.

Why would a customer choose the pre-pay option? Customers can often more easily budget for their utilities and avoid late fees and reconnect fees with pre-pay that with traditional post-pay systems. This solution is real-time and accurate, with all of the payments, rate structures and details loaded directly in the meter and a balance that is recalculated every ten seconds. With up to ten automated notification levels and up-to-the-minute information, the customer receives consistent account balance updates with an approximate date of service disconnection; the customer can, therefore, maintain control of the usage and plan accordingly. This type of budgeting and conservation typically results in a 12% reduction in consumption. Overall, the pre-pay option provides more choices and control over a customer’s utility account, resulting in a much higher rate of satisfaction.

What does it cost?

For the utility, PayGo eliminates the headache of managing another system and the expense of integrating a pre-pay system into existing back office or billing operations. PayGo’s primairy model is fee-free to the utility. Just as many utilities charge the customer a “convenience fee” if paying by credit card, PayGo charges the customer the convenience fee for the service and pays all credit card fees. The process remains unchanged for the customer and the payment processing burden is eliminated from the utility. There is also the capability of establishing a fixed fee per meter per month if desired.

Whether a utility takes payments at retail stores, walk-in centers, online, credit, debit, stored value or gift cards, PayGo has them covered. There are more than 140,000 current locations and more on the way, helping ensure a successful pre-pay system.

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