MV-RS Mobile Data Collections

Itron is retiring MV-RS.  End of life/end of support will occur on December 31st, 2021.  FCS will be replacing MV-RS.  Learn more about FCS here


MV-RS is an affordable PC-based meter reading software solution for data collection and route management for Itron handheld computers, mobile collection systems, optical and touch probes, and MicroNetwork.

Supported Reads
MV-RS supports data reads from all of the following:

  • Hand held Computers
  • Touch Reads
  • Optical Probes
  • Radio Equipped handheld route management and meter data
  • Itron’s Mobile Collection System
  • Itron’s MicroNetwork

Distributed Processing
Depending on the size of the deployment, Itron’s MV-RS data collection software can be installed on a single PC or a group of networked PCs for distributed processing. This allows provides the flexability for future expansion of the system as your network grows and reduces the wait time for system processing on larger network.

Automated Processing
MV-RS has built in automated processing functions to help reduce the amount of time spent on common tasks. The unattended functions can be built to include handheld communications, report generation and file downloads. System operators can automate these tasks on a function by function basis using the systems built in scheduled tasks.

Future Expansion
The MV-RS system offers a clear migration path for the future to larger more robust automatic meter reading (AMR) systems. This allows your system to scale with your current data collection needs now as well as your changing operations and strategic objectives of the future. Those changes can range from something as simple as supporting a new optical probe module to implementing a mobile collection system due to increased service area size.

If you are interested in finding out more about Itron’s MV-RS data collection systems, please contact our metering or water departments for details.

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