Aztech In Home Display

Aztech In Home Display

In these days of higher energy prices and conservation, consumers are looking for every opportunity to get energy consumption information to make informed decisions about their energy usage. Aztech Associates, Inc. has designed an in home electricity monitor to help provide those consumers with the information they design.

The in home display accurately retrieves RF and smart meter consumption data from the consumers meter in real time and displays the information to the consumer. Using color coded lights and a graphics LED display, consumers with real time consumption information as well as utility pricing information so that the consumer can make an informed decision about their energy use.

The in home display unit is small at 4 1/2″ tall x 5 1/2″ wide and comes with a 64 x 128 pixel resolution LED screen. The unit uses AC as a primary power source and has a battery backup so that the display can be relocated around the home without losing any energy use data. Displays are using wireless technologies to get the energy use information from the meters and currently support Itron single ERT, single phase high powered Centron meters.

LED Display
The LED display provides three primary screen views for the consumers to use. Each of the views provides detailed information regarding the energy use allowing the consumer to past and present details.

The primary view displays the current energy use information between now and the last read. The current consumption is displayed in text as well as in a graphical light bulb display with each buld representing 100W of energy.

The historical view shows a bar graph with the energy usage in the past 24 hours as well as the total cost of the energy used during that time. The same data is also available on this view for the last 30 days.

The summary view screen displays the total cost of energy and total energy used since the last time the summary screen was reset. This allows consumers to make thier own historical view screen by resetting the data at their own predetermined intervals. The summary view display also shows the consumer how much energy has been used at each billing rate as well as a line showing the base fixed costs for their energy connection.

Light Bar
The attached light bar has two available options for use. The first option is to change the color of the light bar based on the amount of energy currently being used. The second option is to change the color of the light bar to show the consumer which time of use rate the energy being used is currently being billed at. The time of use light bar option shows the following colors:

Green – Displays the Off Peak Rate
Yellow – Displays the Mid Peak Rate
Red – Displays the On Peak Rate

For more information about the Aztech in home electric display please contact our metering department.

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