Marathon Water Heaters

Marathon Water Heaters

Value added products are a great way to increase revenue from existing customers while providing them with a top quality product, as is the case with Marathon water heaters.  Marathon heaters are a great product for both the utility and the end user.  Utilities are able to secure load from the customer by selling marathon water heaters and end users are getting a energy efficient appliance with an excellent warranty.

Securing Utility Loads
Normal water heaters eventually fail over time and when they do most customers will switch fuel sources when purchasing a new tank.  By helping to provide end users with Marathon water heaters you are also providing them with a product with a lifetime warranty on the heaters tank.  This helps ensure the customer will not go buy another tank with a different fuel source for as long as they own their home and gives the utility the piece of mind knowing they have locked in the load from that appliance for many years to come.

Marathon Water Heater

An Unbeatable Warranty
When providing products to end users you are standing behind the quality of the product your selling.  Why not make sure its the best on the market!  Marathon water heaters all come with a standard lifetime warranty on the tank from the manufacturer.  These heaters are made with fiberglass rather then light weight steel allowing them to be more durable and flexible when it comes to less then ideal conditions.

Green Effects
Customers and utilities are both looking for new ways to save on energy use and help the environment.  Offering Marathon water heaters to your users can help you provide a solution that does just that.  Marathon heaters are energy efficient and use less energy then older steel heaters.  This is mainly due to design innovations on the Marathon tank by building it with Envirofoam insulation that is wrapped in a fiberglass shell.  This helps reduce heat loss over time with only a minimal reduction of five degrees Fahrenheit in 24 hours.  Another great green effect the Marathon water heaters have is that the foam and fiberglass shell are less likely to burst or puncture.  This means that end users are less likely to replace the tanks with new ones therefore reducing the amount of useless water heaters in landfills.

These are just some of the highlights on why utilities should be offering Marathon water heaters to thier end users.  Marathon also has marketing and sales assistance programs available for utilities to offer Marathon heaters and an entire section of thier site dedicated to Marathon utility sales.  For more information regarding Marathon water heater utility programs please contact us or visit Marathon’s website.