GPCommerce – Conservation Website Solutions for Utility Customers

Looking to find a cost effective method of delivering water and energy conservation products to your utility’s customers? GPCommerce is the solution that you’re looking for! GPCommerce is a turn-key based web solution for utilities to launch conservation-based product offerings to their customers without the added expenses of warehousing, shipping, or order processing.

General Pacific hosts and manages all of the GPCommerce sites along with processing all of the orders and shipping all of the products, leaving the utility with only website promotion to manage. This makes it an excellent solution for offering conservation products to your customers and helping to make them more energy efficient.

GPCommerce offers the utility many customizations such as:

  • Hosting on own domain name such as
  • Branded interface with utility logos.
  • Custom welcome text on main page of site.
  • Social media integration with Facebook & Twitter.

Each GPCommerce site comes with all of the following features:

  • Ability to add/remove specific products, categories, or suppliers depending on utility preferences.
  • Ability to lower product prices to customers using marketing dollars or energy efficiency credits.
  • Limit utility product promotions to only utility serviced zip codes.
  • Product promotions that can be done for all customers or only customers with specific promotional code.
  • Product promotions that can be limited to specific quantity per customer.
  • Full sales history reporting including shipping addresses, emails, and products purchased via your GPCommerce site.
  • Each site comes with additional administration site to manage all of the available options.
  • Multiple administrator accounts available with separate security levels.
  • Much more…

A Live demo of the GPCommerce system is available online at or your can view our full conservation store at

For more information about the GPCommerce system, please contact our Conservation Products & Services Manager at 503-907-2900 today!