Conservation Fulfillment Services

Whether you’re looking to deploy 1,000 packages or 100,000, General Pacific’c fulfillment services department can help.  Our conservation and fulfillment services professionals can assist you in designing, packaging and deploying conservation kits to your customers so the utility doesn’t have to worry about the technical details of such a daunting task.  General Pacific takes care of all the sourcing, warehouse, packaging and shipping of your conservation kits, removing these burdens from the utility.

Our fulfillment services professionals understand that each project is unique and can customize our services to meet the utilities specific goals.  Some of the services and customizations we can offer include:

  • Assistance in selecting conservation kit products.
  • Customized packaging and shipping labels branded as the utility.
  • Address and data collection services.
  • Freight and logistics management.
  • Warehousing and packaging of material.
  • Timeline and deployment schedule management.

The General Pacific fulfillment professionals are determined to meet the specific needs of your utility and are eager to ensure your project gets completed with the highest level of accuracy in terms of packaging and on time delivery to your users.

If you are interested in learning more about how General Pacific can assist your utility in fulfilling your conservation kit projects, please contact our Conservation Products & Services Manager at 503-907-2900.