Distribution Services

Delivery Truck

Electrical Distribution

The electrical distribution in the Northwest is the market where General Pacific started serving the region’s utilities in 1965. We offer a full range of products and services for our utility customers from basic line hardware such as bolts to wire and transformers for the largest of projects.

Contractor Services
Our Contractor Services Department is specifically designed to help meet the needs of todays utility contractors. Assistance in job kitting, just in time deliveries and direct job site deliveries are just some of the services that contractor services has available. If you’re bidding anything from transmission and distribution lines to full substation projects then we can help.

Metering Services
With all the advancements in metering technology today combined with all the options available for each solution it can be a overwhelming task for any utility metering shop to keep it all straight. Due to this General Pacific has put together a dedicated team of individuals to help our customers manage this daunting task. Offering products, knowledge and services for anything from a basic meter to full AMR deployments means that we can help with any metering needs that may arise.

Water Services
Our Water Services Department supplies local water utilities and districts with metering infrastructures based on Badger and Itron technologies. Assisting water districts big and small, we can help local metering shops understand the constantly changing products and services available. From basic meters by cubic foot or per gallon to full AMR deployments including mobile read and fixed, we are sure our Water Services Department can help keep utilities on top of industry changes and demands.

Conservation Products & Services
Our conservation department has a wide variety of products and services available to assist on any level utilities might need.  Whether they are just starting their conservation programs or looking to expand an existing one, our conservation professionals can help.  Anything from online e-commerce systems to full program management and fulfillment, we are sure our conservation services department can work with your utility to customize a program to fit your needs.