QuickShip – Online Ordering and Order Tracking

Warehouse Shipping QuickShip

QuickShip is the name of General Pacific’s e-commerce program. It provides users with a link to General Pacific and our stocking facilities that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users are able to place new orders for needed material, track existing orders, view their sales history and see open invoices. QuickShip is only available to existing customers with credit accounts. If your company is interested in opening an account please click here.

Online Pricing and Ordering
QuickShip provides users with material pricing, pictures, stocking information and item details online at their convenience . This allows users to look up the information they need when they need it. Users are also able to place orders online for material by adding the items to their shopping carts and checking out while specifying a purchase order number.

Worldwide Shipping

Same Day Shipping
All online orders that are placed via QuickShip are considered priority shipments from our stocking facilities. All orders that are placed though QuickShip by 3pm PST are shipped out the same day by our warehouse staff.

Use Your Own Part Numbers
The QuickShip system was designed with customer ease of use in mind. The system was built so users can load their own stocking part numbers into the system and match them up with General Pacific’s part numbers, allowing users to search for the stock they want using their own part numbers. If a user has their part numbers loaded into the system, the system will always display that users part numbers to them instead of General Pacific’s part numbers.

Order Tracking
Finding out where the material you ordered is can be a daunting task. QuickShip allows users to look into General Pacific’s distribution system and view all of the orders they have open, and the orders current status, without regard to whether the order was placed online or not. Each order shows you the recent shipments for the order, including freight company details and the appropriate tracking number.

Sales History
From time to time users need to know what they have purchased from General Pacific in the past. QuickShip’s sales history module allows you to do exactly that. Users are able to view every item ever purchased from General Pacific along with pricing and tracking information from the shipment. Users are also able to search though the sales history using keywords to help identify what they are looking for.

Open Invoices
Accounts Payable departments are always interested in ensuring that what they have on their system matches what the vendor says they should have. QuickShip allows them to verify this information online as they see fit. Users can go to the Accounts Payable section of QuickShip and see a list of all the open invoices they have on their account and print copies. This makes it easy for users to get copies of missing invoices.

Multiple Users Per Company
QuickShip allows multiple individuals in the company to have online access to the system. Each person can have their own display preferences, allowing for personal customization. This enables customers to have people from A/R, Purchasing and even management to get their own username and view the information they are interested in.

There are many more features available online to QuickShip users. The best way to see all of the features that QuickShip has to offer is to sign up for our QuickShip service, which is easy and free! If you are interested in using Quickship please sign up for the service.