Itron PCPro+ upgrade

Have you updated to the latest version of the Itron meter programming software?

Have you updated PC Pro+ Advanced version 9.01 to the newest versions, 9.02 and 9.03?

If not you are missing out on significant features that can help make programming meters fast and easy.  Please go to: and log in under the Secure Login screen.

Contact Steve Mills at General Pacific for assistance or for a field visit!

  • cell – 360.901.4901

We encourage all our customers to register for a Secure Login.  Itron has much to offer here!

Secure Login

Itron introduced PCPro+ Advanced, Version 9.01, which included a new Data Manager Screen:

New Look Data Manager

New Look Data Manager

Also, while you are updating, be sure to grab the new driver for your MeterKey reader under the “dirvers and downloads” section.  This should make upgrading and downgrading your Sentinel meter much smoother!

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