2009 Itron PC Pro+ Training

Those who attended the 2009 Itron PC Pro+ Training course in Spokane WA were treated to a wonderful venue at the beautifully restored, historic Davenport Hotel.  After a software upgrade session,  Dana Smith, of Itron, took over and did a wonderful job leading the attendees thru new features and functions as she navigated attendees thru the meter programing software.

To download the latest version (9.50) of PC Pro+, visit www.itronmeters.com and go to the secure log in area.

Itron has changed their website and this has impacted the customer log in.  If you have had trouble (re)establishing your secure log in, please contact us and we will help you get this corrected.

The software does take time to load, and you will require an internet connection while loading the software,  to down load necessary support files.  Allow approximately 45min for total installation time.  If you have any problems please contact General Pacific, we can assist you thru a successful installation.

The new version of PC Pro+ will not erase any existing programs and adds new features, such as the ability to reverse engineer programs from Meter Image Files and totalize meters.

Thanks to Dana Smith for being a great instructor and to all the attendees for contributing their experiences.


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