EUDA – Electric Utility Distributors Association

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EUDA - Electrical Utility Distributors Association

EUDA, Electric Utility Distributors Association, is a group of electrical stocking distributors in North America dedicated to serving utilities around the country. The group is comprised of nine customer owned electrical distributors including General Pacific.

Why Choose EUDA Members?
EUDA members are all customer owned distributors. All of the members are formed to ensure that local utilities are getting the supplies they need at a fair price. Supporting local EUDA members means you are not only supporting your local utility but all the utilities in your area.

EUDA members also come together on common material to combine their purchasing power. This allows members to lower their cost of materials from suppliers and pass those savings on to the local utilities.

EUDA members are well known for their disaster relief efforts for local utilities. Each member has access to the combined stock of over $145 million dollars allowing us to react quicker when disaster strikes. This provides EUDA members with the necessary resources to help local utilities resolve problems during their most needed times.

For more information on the EUDA group and the advantages of partnering with a EUDA member, please visit the EUDA website at